American Aviation


American Aviation Inc was established in 1999. Our mission is to provide America's premier accelerated flight training.

American Aviation offers fast track pilot program, you can learn to fly in as little as 14 days!

CEO Captain Malik Aftab Naseem, obtained his pilot certificate in 1988 as his personal achievement. He is a US Army Veteran, served in Aviation and Maintenance capacity. He started as a Chinook CH-47  crew chief and ended in flying a Huey UH 1 helicopter. He is currently a CFI, CFII, MEI, HI, A&P,and Avionics certified, and also has some UAV experience. He is also serving as a Captain with the United States Air Force Auxiliary (CAP).

He understands what it takes to achieve an Aviation Goal and h
e makes a personal promise to you, that he will do what-ever it takes to achieve your personal goals within your desired time and financial budget.

1575 Aviation Center Pkwy. Suite 501. Daytona Beach, FL 32114
3915 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92833
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